Broadening Beacham’s

Big Jake Enterprises, LLC is the development entity behind Beacham’s Curve Neighborhood Redevelopment Project. Jim Diaz, along with partner Brian Barwick are closing in on the final stages of Phase I of their redevelopment of the Beacham’s Curve area of East/West Asheville. In the past year, OWL Bakery, Pizza Mind and most recently, Archetype Brewing [...]

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Hi-Wire Act

Jim Diaz met Adam Charnack & Chris Frosaker prior to their successful asset purchase of the Craggie Brewing Company in 2012. So far Craggie has been the only Asheville brewing concern to close its doors, located at 197 Hilliard Avenue in Downtown Asheville. Charnack & Frosaker were in the midst of closing their deal [...]

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Vinnie’s Legacy Building

Jim Diaz has been a friend and patron of Eric Scheffer for years. They met back in the day when Eric originally purchased the Savoy Restaurant and assumed a leasehold interest at 641 Merrimon Avenue in 2000 from Alan & Suzie Laibson. Mr. Scheffer operated the Savoy, an upscale Tuscan Italian & seafood restaurant. [...]

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Luella’s Success

Jeff Miller opened Luella’s Bar-B-Que in a humble South Asheville strip center in 2007. He had an excellent product, with a strong commitment to quality. He quickly created a vibrant restaurant with a loyal following, based on his culinary artistry, strong leadership skills, and dedication to his customer’s experience. Not long after he opened, [...]

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The Envision Dream

Dr. Larry Golson opened his independent optometry practice, Envision Eyecare in 2008. While preparing to find a location to open in Asheville, he was told by many locals that he should open his practice in South Asheville, where all of the growth was happening. From his perspective, having moved from Atlanta, he had no [...]

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